Where the journey began

P.C.E.A Ruiru Parish covers both urban and rural set up. It is a semi arid area region where the majority of the population earns their livelihood on small scale agriculture, business and micro-finance enterprises. There was a felt need to empower church members economically in order for them to participate in holistic development of the church in order to enhance their standard of living.
After feasibility study and consultation on how the members can be assisted economically, the then Parish Minister Rev. Ngere H.N mobilized the Church leadership to educate the members on the virtues of a cooperative society and the benefits of having funds in the same pool.
In the year 2002 A steering committees was constituted to start a SACCO and the following members were mandate to do so.

  • Rev. Ngere H.N
  • Mr James Njaaga Kung’u
  • Mr Donald Kabugi Ngure
  • Mr Daniel Wambiri Muthee
  • Mr John M. Mwangi
  • Mr Peter Waithaka Chege
  • Mr Peter Kamicha
  • Mr Jackson N. Muchina
  • Mr Raymond Muthigo
  • Ms Florence Njane
  • Ms Lydiah W. Kimani
  • Ms Mary Mukami Kinyua
  • Ms Alice W. Muturi

After investigating how other cooperative societies are run and managed, the interim committee, with the help of officers of then Ministry of Cooperative Development now restructured to be Ministry of industrialisation and Enterprise development prepared a draft copy of by-laws unique to the type of congregation in the greater Ruiru Parish. Then a meeting of potential stakeholders was called and draft copy presented to them to critique.

After perusal of the draft by-laws and necessary changes made, those present were called upon to subscribe in order to commence the process of registering the cooperative. In July 2004, the dream of a Savings and Credit Cooperative (SACCO) society was fulfilled when P.C.E.A Ruiru SACCO Society was registered by the Ministry of Cooperative Development.

Having paid the necessary fees to the Ministry of Cooperative Development, the application to register P.C.E.A. Ruiru Sacco Society Ltd was made on 25th July 2004 and the certificate registering P.C.E.A Ruiru Sacco Society Ltd as a savings and credit society was granted by the Commissioner of Cooperative Development and the same day a committee was put in place to start the mobilization process of potential members’ savings.
From July 2004 the first Board of Directors set out to offer services to the general membership. The bond between members was that they were members of P.C.E.A and any other member of other churches not in conflict with what Presbyterians believe. The Board of Directors set out its agenda to ensure that every member had equal opportunity in the society.

The society is currently poised for greater growth in the period under consideration and has already laid strategies to achieve the required growth. This ability to continue in this growth momentum will be dependent on members’ confidence and support given by the members in terms of their savings and participation of how the society is run.

The society’s affairs are run through policies made by members. The members are drawn from all parts of Thika District and surrounding areas. They meet at least once a year to make policies, which are delegated to a Board of Directors. The Board of Directors implements decisions through a Secretariat constituted of Executive Committee and employees of the society.

The vision of P.C.E.A Ruiru SACCO is to be a unique financial service provider.

The mission of P.C.E.A Ruiru SACCO society is the promotion, mobilization of savings, and provision of affordable credit facilities through market research and quality training of members, social and economic empowerment.

Identity Statement
P.C.E.A RUIRU SACCO Society Ltd, the common bond is of an occupational nature where all members share common beliefs in the living God.

Core Values
The following core values will guide the operations of the society always:
Democratic governance
Autonomy and development
Shared social responsibility
Partnership building