John Kamau Mburu is a resident of Ruiru and has been in employment for a long time before he quite to start a business. His initial business did not work so he resulted to pig farming and poultry.  Kamau started off with broilers and as he explains, all of his birds fell sick and died. He was left with no where to turn to other than PCEA RUIRU SACCO where he had saved consistently.

Kamau did not lose hope; in fact he decided to rear more birds than he had previously done. He approached PCEA RUIRU SACCO and managed to secure a loan facility of Kshs. 300,000/= which enabled him to pick up his farming business. This time, his birds responded so well and returns were so good that he managed to pay the loan within one year and applied for another facility of ksh.600,000/=. This time he decided to faceoff broilers and introduced layers. He also abandoned Pig farming and focused all his energy in poultry.

Kamau says he cannot give his story in the short time we visited, but he can confidently say that PCEA RUIRU Sacco saved his business. He says whenever he thinks of expanding his business, he has no worry; he just walks in PCEA RUIRU SACCO where he is sorted in a blink of time. At the time we visited Mr. Kamau he had 2500 chicken all laying eggs. His income rose from Kshs.20, 000/= a month to Kshs 100,000/= all from the sale of eggs.

Through savings and securing loans Kamau has managed to educate his wife who is a graduate in bachelor of education and a practicing teacher in Murang’a County. He has also managed to build his family a modern house and is educating his children in one the best schools in Kenya. His vision is to have at least 5000 chicken and assures us that this would change his life completely.

He advises people to embrace the culture of saving and not fear borrowing as those who have walked this route have seen great change in their way of living

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