Loan Products

We have a variety of loan products, suitable for your needs.

Normal Loan

This is a development loan given at 3times of a member’s shares. It is repayable in 36 months with an interest rate of 1% per month on reducing balance.

Quick Fix

This falls under an emergency loan which does not exceed Ksh. 10,000.

It is processed within one day. Its repayable in 4 months with and interest of 5% per month on reducing balance.

School Fees Loan

This is a loan granted to members to pay school fees for themselves, their children and dependants.

It is repayable in 12 months (calendar year) at an interest rate of 1.15% per month.

When applying, the member is required to attach the fee requirement documents

Emergency Loan

This is a loan provided for emergency cases e.g. medical expenses, court cases, and college fees.

It is repayable in 12 months at an interest of 1.15% per month on a reducing balance.

Emergency loan does not exceed Ksh. 50,000

Super Loan

This is our newest product. It is a  development loan given 4 times of member’s  deposits repayable in 48 months with an interest rate of 1.2% per month on reducing balance.

To qualify for this loan one must meet the following conditions:

  • minimum deposit ksh. 250,000
  • Should not be the first loan to apply
  • Should not have defaulted in the past loans 
  • It should be guaranteed and where necessary additional security may be required

Pamoja Loan

This is a group development loan repayable within 36 months granted for development purposes such as buying land, construction, purchase of equipment & machinery, vehicles e.t.c. maximum amount granted is 3 times of the group’s savings. Interest rate is 1% per month on reducing balance.


  • The group should be a member for more than six months.
  • Guarantors should be members of the group
  • At least two guarantors should not be servicing any other loan 

Loan Application form

Please download the loan application form here