Non-Withdrawable Savings.

This enables a member to safely save his daily business earnings and withdraw the following day or any other day in the course of his business.

  • Minimum savings of Kshs. 500 per month.
  • Loans are issued against non-withdrawable deposits.

Elimu Bora

This account enables members to save for the educational needs of their children/dependents:-

  • Withdrawal can only be done twice a year, once after every six months.
  • The deposit can be done daily or monthly depending on the member's source of funds.
  • Interest at 5% p.a. on prolata..

Terms Deposit

  • Savings is done anytime.
  • Withdrawal can be done once a month

Holiday savings account

A holiday savings account enables members to save for their holidays. Withdrawal should be done once a year.

  • Saving can be done daily.
  • Interest at 5% per annum on prolata.