Welcome to Pcea Ruiru Sacco

Tuungane tujiinue kimaisha

We offer diverse products to both individual members and groups.

Who we are:

We are licensed by SASRA as a regulated non withdrawable deposit taking Sacco. We offer diverse products to both individual members and groups. We are located at PCEA Ruiru town plaza.

What we do

Our purpose is to improve lives through financial services.


Our Services

 The Sacco offers a variety of savings for members. This includes: Holiday savings account, Elimu Bora, Withdrawable Savings

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We have a variety of loan products, suitable for your needs; Normal Loan, Quick Fix, School Fees Loan, Emergency Loan, Super Loan, and Pamoja Loan.

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This account enables members to save for the educational needs of their children/dependents. Withdrawal should be done once after six months. Deposit can be done daily.

Interest at 5% p.a. on prolata.

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Our Vision

To be a unique financial service provider.


John Musembi Shikuku

This is John Musembi Shikuku. Shikuku comes from western region in Kenya and transacts business in Ruiru town. He owns a timber yard and a carpentry workshop. He also sells materials used in carpentry. During our field visits we find him in his yard attending his customers. He welcomes us with a jovial smile. In our conversation we learn that he started his business with Kshs. 2000 only and that he could not grow his business faster as he wanted since all his income was hand to mouth.

Thanks to PCEA RUIRU SACCO where he enrolled to be a member in 2011 and has been saving since then. He decided to apply for a loan of Kshs. 300,000 which he used to put up a timber yard.The timber yard is now worth 1.5 million


John Ngaba Ndung’u

Walking in Mutonya village Ruiru Sub County you will not fail to notice this well cared for horticultural farm. Kales, Spinach and tomatoes call you from afar under the scotching sun of September. You fail to comprehend how the owner is able to make this land look so green even in dry season. The magic man is none other than John Ngaba Ndung’u a member of PCEA RUIRU SACCO.

As you come closer to the field your questions are all answered. A network of pipes running through the entire field is an evidence of a work well done. From a distance you can hear the water pump roaring, drawing water from the nearby river.

At the field we meet John Ngaba himself going round the field inspecting his yield. He enjoys his work. in fact, he says he cannot seek for a white color job. He throws a joke that he earns more than bankers in his field.